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Eating Barbecue on a Low FODMAP Diet

Since many barbecue seasonings and sauces include FODMAPs, eating barbecue on a low FODMAP diet can be almost impossible. If you have IBS or another condition triggered by these compounds, you probably either find your meat pretty bland or suffer for the sake of a tasty meal. Smoke ‘N Sanity doesn’t want you to be stuck between these options. Our seasonings offer award-winning taste without intestinal distress or any other irritations.

Our family includes people sensitive to FODMAPs, gluten, lactose, and MSG, so all of our products are free of all these substances. We have honed these formulas over the course of years, getting plenty of feedback from friends, families, and even the barbecue competition scene. These are not typical seasonings with onion and garlic simply removed. They are designed from the ground up to give the most flavor possible- our customer satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

As Smoke ‘N Sanity expands, we are busy at work creating more and more new products that meet the dietary restrictions of a growing world of barbecue lovers. Our IBS friendly spices and rubs will cover the full spectrum of smoked meat flavorings, from the smoky to the spicy to the sweet. Anyone on a low FODMAP diet can finally rejoice after just one bite of our barbecue! 

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