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Low FODMAP Seasonings

Smoke 'N Sanity Has The Best Low FODMAP Certified Spices

When your health dictates you change your diet, it’s understandable to worry if your food will ever taste as good. This is particularly true for people sensitive to FODMAPs, which are practically everywhere when it comes to seasoning. Here at Smoke 'N Sanity, we want to melt those worries away with crowd-pleasing, flavor-packed low FODMAP seasonings. 

Our range of low FODMAP certified spices is always expanding. Garlic and onion, key ingredients in many dishes, will soon have a low FODMAP equivalent in our product line- Essence of Garlic Salt and Essence of Onion Salt. We’re also working up a special blend combining salt, pepper, and our essence of garlic for a perfect basic seasoning. If you’ve got more of a sweet tooth, keep an eye out for our Sweet Maple Dust, a perfectly savory blend of sweet maple and chili flavors. 

Our products get tested extensively through competitive and non-competitive arenas, and have racked up quite a few top ten awards along the way! We are proud to say that we are bringing flavor back to people on a low FODMAP diet so they can keep their taste buds and digestive health in balance once again. Try Smoke ‘N Sanity today to find out for yourself just how great our spice blends are. 

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