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Enjoy the flavor of Pho on any protein or vegetable with this conveinent shake on seasoning.  Or stir up some traditional Pho!  NOTE:  As with any traditional Pho, this has some spicyness to it.  It is better to start with less and add more to taste.  This seasoning is designed to bring the wonderfully complex traditional Pho flavors into areas not previosly possible.  Shake some on meats while cooking to add that Vietnamese flavors you have missed.


Directions to make Pho Broth:  Add 1/2 to 1 teaspoon to 1 cup boiling water. Mix and let sit to fully disolve in water making a wonderfully flavorful Veitnamese Pho broth.  If you are making a roth or a noodle Pho without any meat, you may want to add 1/2 tablespoon of butter into the broth which will increase the richness and cut some of the heat down.

Pho Seasoning

PriceFrom $8.99
  • Contains no MSG, certified gluten free.  This product is certified Kosher.  


    Ingredients:  Sugar, salt, chili peppers, makrut leaf powder, spices(cayenne pepper, mace, ginger, basil,cumin,black pepper, coriander), lemon granules, yeast extract, natural flavors, galangal powder, citric acid, lemon oil, modified corn starch

    Contains:  Alliums

    Monash University Low FODMAP Certified™ spice blend.  One serving of this product is low in FODMAPs.


    ALLERGY WARNING:  If you are allergic to Alliums, please don't consume this product.   This product is manufacutred in a plant that processes tree nuts and sesame.


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