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About Us

It started way back in 2010 at a group camping event when the Freund’s (Brad and Michelle, pictured on the right) met the Aldridge’s (Travis and Lori, pictured on the left).  We became friends sharing our love of all things barbecue and cooking in general.  Brad and Travis shared a particular love for smoking meat and quickly  began developing homemade rubs and sauces to take their smoking craft to the next level.  We spent many weekends cooking for good friends during our camping excursions.


In 2014 Lori started facing some digestive issues which prevented her from enjoying the barbecue being made.  Throughout the next two years Lori went through misery trying to find out the triggers that were making her sick.  Then she stumbled upon the Low FODMAP diet plan, which was a godsend.  This new diet helped Lori feel human again and made a world of difference.  However, this posed many problems with the foods Travis and Brad were producing.  As you know, onion and garlic (two items particularly bad for the Low FODMAP diet) are used extensively in all things barbecue.  Thus we began a quest to come up with recipes that we ALL could enjoy.


We spent the next couple years experimenting with the standard rub and sauce recipes being used for our barbecue, trying to come up with Low FODMAP versions and bring flavor back to what can be a very bland diet.  We reformulated our standard rub that we had used for years to be gluten, onion, and garlic free without sacrificing any flavor. We often enlisted our camping friends as taste testers.They provided us with valuable feedback to assist us in refining our flavor profiles.


In 2015, Smoke ‘n Sanity was formed as we entered the barbecue competition scene with the four of us. Another one of our camping friends developed the love of smoking, so we added Dave & Amy Matchan into our competition team.  During competitions, we reached out to our fellow competitors inquiring as to which rubs and sauces are typically used to get the best results. Most of them stated using commercially produced rubs and sauces was a must to place well in the competition.  We needed to decide if we wanted to conform and abandon our efforts thus far for competitive reasons, or if we would take our existing recipes and compete with them to see how well we would fare.  We decided to take the latter path and take a chance on our new developed recipes.  We competed in a number of both KCBS and non-KCBS sanctioned events.  To our surprise, we had more success than we expected with our rubs and sauces, garnering numerous top ten awards!


In 2019 we decided it was time to share our spices and rubs with the world.  Our goal is simple,  to bring flavor back to people on a Low FODMAP diet, giving you healthy, flavorful food once again.  All of our Low FODMAP products go through extensive real world testing in both competitive and non-competitive arenas.  Our products are Low FODMAP certified and we will continue to add products as they are developed to expand on the choices for those on the Low FODMAP diet.


We have added a recipes section to our web site to share some of the recipes we have developed using our Low FODMAP products as well as other recipes we felt should be shared to help bring flavor back to those on the Low FODMAP diet.  If you have a recipe you want to share, please email us and we will add it to our recipes section.

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