EoG Shrimp Scampi square for website
Corn seasoned with Triple S All Purpose Seasoning
Supper Club Ranch Potatoes
Mashed potato/Ground Turkey
Jambalaya with Cajun Creole Seasoning
Roast beef seasoned with SPG & Essence of Onion, mashed potatoes & carrots seasoned with SPG
Shrimp & rice seasoned with Garlic Parmesan
Air-fried salmon with Sweet Maple, Rice with SPG
Triple S Wings
Triple S Shrimp
Jalepeno poppers
Triple S rice
Triple S Ribs
Competition Babybacks
2020 Choke the Chicken Entry
Breakfast Fatty
Beef Ribs
Belly Bombs
Brisket Flat with Triple B

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Supper Club Ranch Potatoes